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Get to know Hamid

Ahmed was born in Tafraout in 1987, a small village near the borders of Algeria, not far from the famous desert of Merzouga. In his early childhood, and like the rest of the children of the area, they frequented tourists and helped them explore the areas without getting lost in the dunes or crossing the borders to Algeria. He loved the exchange with people from all over the world and wanted to become more involved. He became a local guide in the area then worked with several bivouacs as a cameleer (camel driver) and was loved by the clients, but he was also encouraged to do more with his life and maybe try to become a certified guide or an independant driver. And so he did, after getting his driving licence, he worked with a couple of agencies, gained more experience on how to handle the tours, the land and the people before deciding to go up one more step and become a travel agent himself, and why not? He is everything a travel agent needs to be.

  • Long experience as a local guide
  • A couple of years as a cameleer in several bivouacs
  • A certifed driver/guide with big agencies
  • A charisma and a light touch with clients of all ages and nationalities.

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